Lost Art

I went in search of a couple more art galleries the other day. I got a bit lost, but found them in the end.

First up, the in-house gallery at Makarere University. The campus was green and pleasant, but my photography was wonky. The main university building was closed at the time of visiting but looked pretty from the outside. The library looked substantial but I didn’t try to get in as it was pretty full with students and I didn’t have a lot of time in any case. There was a lot of green space, buildings from various periods, and a pleasing amount of campaign posters and rebellious graffiti about the place. It reminded me of the Birmingham University campus that I frequented once upon a time.


The art gallery itself was rather small and housed a temporary photography exhibition. It was alright, but it didn’t move me particularly. I was happy to find, however, that I could just wander unhindered into various art school buildings. I’m not sure I was supposed to do this, but nobody objected, and I saw some intriguing works in progress as well as some forgotten sculptures that were being cannibalized. The table of pottery pictured was perhaps not so remarkable but all very well finished, and I liked the mural on the adjacent building.

IMG_20140603_162048 IMG_20140603_162220

Next, I headed over to MishMash, which I failed to locate on my previous attempt. I found it a bit further up the road than I had expected, but the security guard informed me that it was closed for relocation. He couldn’t tell me the new location, nor when it would open, so I will have to wait and see whether it reappears before I leave the area. It’s a shame, as it sounds like an interesting place.

As a substitute, I walked up to the new shopping mall at the top of the street and treated myself to a pretty slice of cake.


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2 Responses to Lost Art

  1. Jane Williams says:

    Was the cake as good as your Mum makes? Be careful how you answer this! The mural looks good and the pots, too. I like both the painted and the plain ones.

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