After Africa…

In the end, I ran out of time to finish this off. I concluded my voluntary work in Nansana at the end of June and bid farewell to my hosts to explore a little further afield. The time went quickly but I think I was ready to move on after three months. Living so far away from home both geographically and culturally was a fascinating experience and it gave me a new perspective on a number of things, but I always felt like a visitor in Uganda. I arrived back in London a couple of weeks ago and it is a relief to be able to wander around anonymously without being the centre of people’s attention. Although I have moved home and started a new job in the short time that I have been back, I have slipped easily back into London life and I am sorry to say that Africa seems like a distant memory already. I hope to stay in touch with my hosts and remain involved in the project to some degree, but only time will tell whether that is possible alongside daily life at home.

As I said at the beginning, this is not supposed to be a travel blog. However, I would like to add a few more updates as I find the time over the next few days or weeks. I visited some interesting places in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya before flying home. If you are interested, then stay tuned for a few extra pictures and comments on my experiences. I’ll try not to take too long…

The last of many border crossings in July 2014...

The last of many border crossings in July 2014…

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  1. David W says:

    Do write/post photos when you get a chance… even if it takes you a while, it’ll then be a nice little project for the winter!
    I think it must be rare not to feel like a visitor in a foreign country; I’ve been lucky to feel at home in the year I spent in Nancy and the 7.5 years I’ve been in Paris, but I have fewer affinities with other French cities and having border-hopped into French-speaking Switzerland a couple of times, I’ve always been glad to be back on the French side – can’t quite rationalize it, but maybe besides important cultural differences, stereotyping comes into it:
    [Perhaps I should await with bated breath a Swiss blogreader’s response to Smith and Jones?!]

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